Tower Crane Spare Parts Services


The use of original spare parts ensures the quality of the tower cranes and  Sustains the durability for a  longer life.

Importance of Using Original Spare Parts

TGM original spare parts are designed and manufactured exclusively for the safety of you and your tower crane. Its design for durability and safety, its choice of materials and its compatability  with each other have been carried out for many years with intensive works and investments. They have also undergone a wide range of tests to ensure quality, reliability and durability.

The use of original spare parts ensures the durability and functions of the tower Crane over a longer period of time .Parts that are not original may not be compatible with other original parts and may posssibly damage the tower Crane and it’s operation . Using original spare parts is safe and economical in every aspect.

Your tower crane is guaranteed to be 'original' of all  parts of the TGM Authorized Service Partner that have been exchanged. Your TGM  tower cranes maintains its original value when it is sold and repaired using original spare parts.


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