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 Every project taken on request  from our customers is under the guarantee of "TGM"

The main approach of TGM in technical service is to give its customers the fastest, most reliable, most accurate service in the most economical way, and continuously invests in the development of its services, ensuring the variety of technical service services and keeping up with the ever-changing and developing technology.

After receiving the necessary seminars and trainings, our technical service provides professional service. Our services also use state-of-the-art equipment for better quality and faster solutions. All of our technical service equipment is calibrated by TSE and related organizations. As TGM family, we provide a comprehensive technical service against all the problems that may occur after the installation and commissioning of tower cranes in your projects

How Do I Know TGM Authorized Service in 3 Steps?


Professional TGM service will visit you with special vehicles and clothes with the words "authorized".         


Our technicians are TGM authorized service personnel and all documents showing work permits are available.       


Only the expert TGM service will deliver you the service form at the end of the visit containing the transaction information and the phrase "authorized".


TGM Technical Service Call Center

Technical Service You can reach our Call Center on +0380 553 74 14 and +090 533 094 44 55 or at e-mail address, all the questions and problems about TGM brand or other brand tower cranes with one telephone call. You can get a response from our expert technical service personnel as soon as possible

Installation Services

We provide all necessary controls before delivery of tower crane which is sold or rented by our company, preparation of necessary infrastructure before installation, site discovery and installation and all test and study controls.

Operator procurement  and Training

We provide experienced tower crane operators or necessary practical training on demand.

Periodic Maintenance Services
These are interventions and controls to prevent failures, prolong the life of tower cranes and ensure more efficient operation.
The work done by periodic maintenance;
  • Bottom, upper gear cleaning and lubrication
  • Rope equipment control and lubric
  • Operation and control of all electronic components
  • Return Motor test and oil level control
  • Hook Motor test and oil level control
  • Carriage / trolley Motor test and oil level control
  • Test of gear units and oil level control
  • Metal parts control
  • Switch, warning system, warning system and tonnage controls
  • Bolt and nut control
  • Joystick control
  • Cabin group equipment , horn, brake empty, wiper, emergency stop, air conditioning
  • Control of cabin windows, wiper, internal and external lighting control, peak warning lamp, anemometer control
  • 380W and 220W electric cables, electrical measurement.
  • Tower crane installation area, chassis and stones, walking, anchorage control,
  • Tower Crane scales control with construction site nivo
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