About Us

About Us

Tgm Tower Cranes, started  it’s main production in Beyköy  organised İndustrial zone, Düzce Turkey in 2011 The production factory area consists of a 15.000 m2  ‘closed ‘ working area . and an open area of 33.000m2 We employ more than 200 staff /personel ,whom provide services for our domestic and İnternational sales  and rentals .We have 30 TGM  authorised service centres serving 81 areas at home and abroad

At TGM we have a excellent wide range of tower cranes to provide our customers with the most suitable for their projects .We have the capacity to produce upto 20 Tower Cranes per month. We also supply technical upgrade equipment and spare parts to service all projects. We have our experts in sales and rentals to offer advice to our customers .

  • Importance of innovation and R & D,
  • Modern, technological production facilities,
  • Comprehensive HR policies including in-house training, diligence on personal rights, “the right person to the right job” and social responsibility awareness,
  • Quality assurance open to development and continuous improvement,
  • Project-friendly products,
  • Unconditional Customer Support Service and authorized services with the real customer satisfaction that he / she carries out works in the whole.

In addition, TGM TOWER CRANES is committed to creating an awareness  to  the future of our country and the world with effective and solution-oriented environmental policies and projects that it considers as a  responsibility  rather than necessity and to spread this sensitivity to a wider environment as much as possible.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise , TGM Tower  Crane company is  the leading and pioneering brand of Turkey, and we are  proud to be one of the domestic production companies of our country.

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