Tower Crane Rental Services


TGM tower crane,is  the number one rental giant in Turkey . With more than 20 years of experience  we have been offering professional rental services in our country's tower crane industry for more than 8 years.

What services do we offer?

TGM  offers a wide technical service network, spare parts supply, equipment rental, professional staff and high quality rental service  in all parts of Turkey.We  can offer our expert opinion on your construction projects . We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our services during the rental period.

While our customers carry out their operational activities seamlessly with the rental services we offer them, they enjoy the efficiency and safe operation of their projects.

What should I look for when renting a tower crane?

There are details to be considered when renting a tower crane. Is there a certificate of conformity for the tower crane you are renting first? What kind of steel material quality has been produced? How are the hooks, turns, carriage engines used? What brand electrical components are used? How many years has the tower Crane been in production ? How many tons of lifting capacity is available ? All rope equipment works? These are the most important issues. In addition, periodic control examination and machine unbreakable insurance are also required documents that should not be  missing. Because before the installation of the tower crane personnel requires documents and technical information about the tower Crane, requested by the staff of occupational health and safety and after the operation of the tower Crane for the work of the TMMOB or accredited enterprise engineers and Compliance. How is the technical service quality of the tower crane to be rented? How long does it take to deal  with any failures? Are the parts that are used after the malfunction are they replaced with  original parts? When renting a tower crane, you should check to see if any damage has occurred or if there are any problems outside of these details. We recommend that you agree to a contract after all of these operations are taken into consideration. The lease agreement must be a reassurance agreement for both parties. In this way, both sides are not victims.

Why should I prefer TGM?

With 20 years of experience, we are a domestic manufacturer offering you the fastest quality service and providing our services among the tower crane companies in Turkey. As we have mastered our work, we work meticulously and produce high quality services for our customers in the construction sector. Our priority goal is high efficiency, and we are shaping our entire operating system to achieve this goal. As we intervene within 24 hours in all our technical service services, we optimise the costs for your benefit and produce solutions with the most favorable prices.   

    Advantages of TGM Rental

   - Selection of tower cranes according to the project

   - Rental privileges at reasonable prices,

   - Operator supply

   - 1 month or 1 year rental option,

   - Logistics support

   - 1 working day installation promise,

   - 100% technical service guarantee,

   - Turkey's technical service in each province to 7/24

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